Friday, July 22, 2011

Crop Till You Drop~Lawton, OK

Each year our local scrapbook store "Scrapbook N Such" has a Crop in Lawton and it helps out a local charity in need.  This year was my SECOND one to attend and had planned on attending with my cousin Vicki.  However, last minute family illness kept her from attending and I had thought about cancelling; I didn't really want to go alone.  I decided to invite one of the girls I know at work to go who is a student at the college I work at, not knowing how it would go I was a little nervous. 

That night, I spent getting all my scrapbook supplies and totes and tools together and organized.  They had been shoved int he closet for months and had not been touched.  I didn't have anywhere to display my tools and work on stuff and hated getting it out and then having to put it back up.  So it just stayed stored away.... I got excited while pulling everything out!  It was a little overwhelming because I didn't know what to and not to pack.  So, I did the next best thing..... I PACKED IT ALL!  My youngest son Dustin helped me pack it all neatly in the car and my trunk was full.  I had to put a few items in the back seat of my Mustang. 

The next morning, my scrapbook buddy arrived "ON TIME" and she wanted to know if we thought we'd have enough room in the car.  I asked her how many bags and she said two.  PERFECT, Just enough space.  I giggled as she pulled her totes out and her husband said:  "Babe, why don't you girls take me home and you can take the SUV".  I giggled and said she don't have nothing on me and we have enough room.  I opened the trunk to display what I had packed and I though she was gonna fall over.  She was a newby at this and had not had time to collect as much crap as I had. 

CAR PACKED, Stop at Starbucks and off we go to LAWTON!

Needless to say the day was a hit with my new scrapbook partner and she was hooked.  I think she spent most of the day at the little shop at the crop buying "this and that" to add to her scrapbook supplies and tool collection.  When we got back home that night, I told her husband; "IT'S NOT MY FAULT". 

Below are the items I accomplised at the crop....